My Leather Legging Combined With Beige and Black

No, not every “what-if” question remains entirely unanswered… even though I have said this on Tuesday so boldly… It depends on the context… as so often! What if, the spring had not paused and it would not have been so “fresh”? Hääääää ???? Then I could not have put on my leather legging and I could not have combined it with my trench, because it would have been much too warm then for such a transition…

My Leather Leggings With Black And Beige

No, not every “what if” questions. Even if I boldly declare that last Tuesday… It depends on the combination… as is often the case !!! What if it was not for me? Say what? Then I would not have put on my leather leggings and I would not have been together with my trench coat, because it would have been too warm for a transitional thing…

Leather And Silk

But so it was time for my leather legging… yes, the accidental… and combined with Beige, the silk blouse  and the layer look, the whole thing has become totally chic… that is synonymous already on the sweater: Je suis… (front) CHIC (rear-unfortunately, we have managed to photograph-ahem…). But if there is already: I ​​am chic-then it must be true! A nice and relaxed Sunday, I wish you-Conny

Leather And Silk

But it’s not the end of the world, but it’s not the end of the world, but it ‘s the end of the world. “Je suis… (on the Front) and CHIC (on the back-which we unfortunately forgot to take a photo of-ahem…). But if it’s written there: :-). Have a lovely relaxing Sunday-Conny.