My Iphone 4 Procurement Trip

Experience from London
If you believe it or not, the flights to and the hotel in London were already booked before it was clear at all, when it would give the iPhone 4 to which date without simlock. Nevertheless, I could not let the short city tour into the beautiful London go by, without my luck at least once challenging. The goal was the brand new Apple Store at the Covent Garden, which was opened on August 7th and is the world’s largest apple business. The first problem: What the hell does two months after the appearance of the device make a human serpent before the business?
Of course, the 70 or so people in the queue are actually waiting for an iPhone 4 to buy, or to allow them to get into the next queue. In between times is asked whether someone wants to buy his iPhone 4 with contract. When someone announces-this happened in my waiting time of about an hour once-this is treated preferentially. Why ever.

If you then stand for about an hour in the queue your feet, you get a yellow card, with which one is entitled to buy one or two iPhone 4 in But until then, it takes a few more minutes: before the specially reserved for the iPhone 4 sale with depending on the occupation between four and five employees are again about 10 people, which are gradually processed.

Finally I’m off!
When again about 15 minutes have passed, I finally get to the cash desk. Like all others, I also take two iPhone 4, has to wait around 20 minutes until the good gentleman employee receives confirmation by phone that my credit card is covered and can finally walk out of the shop. To activate my iPhone 4 directly on one of the free available Macs, I renounce to later without any sync problems or data losses to my Mac. Apart from that, I had no tool with me anyway, to my SIM card into the Micro-SIM format to snap.

A Few Words on Availability
Looking into the closets behind the iPhone 4 cashbox in the Apple Store at Covent Garden, you had at least the day I was there, not feeling that there was a problem with it Of the availability of the iPhone 4. If they were empty, an Apple store employee came up with a small cart full of iPhones to notice the closets again. On the other hand, the queue that you had to queue before buying was more likely to be an exception and I might just have a lucky day.

A look at the device
The iPhone 4 with the better camera, the great display and the valuable design is a really good smartphone, I need hardly mention. The impressions, which one finds everywhere in the net, also confirm for me: The device has an incredibly great design, feels simply worthy and the display has a proverbial. Unfortunately, the device is slightly worse in the hand due to the somewhat more angular design, as 3G and 3GS, but after a short time you got used to it.

And the antenna
problem… … is simply no problem. Yes, the signal strength indicator loses the one or other bar when the unit is tightly clamped. But I can try as much as I can during the telephone call to bring the conversation to the breaking, I have so far simply not succeeded. Also on the voice quality takes the kind of in the hand holding simply no influence. So the antenna problem has only one positive side: One can order without great problems a free protective cover!