Multi Position Sleeper Pillow

We warmly welcome to a new product of our catalog: The pillow multi-position for various uses.

These users can be people who like to tighten the pillow, pregnant or breastfeeding women, reading …. We will introduce you its different uses and for whom it is advised.

Sleep The Pillow

Many people like to sleep clutching his pillow, but this is not always the best option to conventional pillows because often we have to place a pillow in order to tighten it with arms and legs. That’s why this new multi-position pillow covers these needs and it is very comfortable and Silky Thanks To Its Composition and materials. You’ll want to squeeze it!

Pregnant Women advises pregnant women sleep on the side and if possible on the left side and with a pillow between the legs so that the belly does not undergo any pressure. In this case, the Max Matelas multi-position pillow is a great option due to its softness procured by the fibers, the outer fabric and well thought forms that will bring you the necessary support for a perfect fit to the body of the woman, favoring Rest and increasing comfort especially during the third trimester of gestation or it is more advisable to sleep in this position.

Other Uses

It can also be used as cushion of breastfeeding, perfect medium to support our baby and our backs resting its weight using the multi-purpose as support and support during breastfeeding pillow.

It is perfect as a reading pillow, you can place your body in the most comfortable position for you.

Its special shape promotes a restful rest and releases the pressures for a sleeping on the side, the most advisable position to reconcile sleep and rest. Available in one size and its shipment is made in a bag very practical and resistant for its transport. It is a product made with micro fiber and a cover removable and washable. Its composition and materials used make this multi-position pillow anatomical, breathable and soft.