MSI Wind U160 Tested

MSI the wind U160 will dominate with endurance. Can the NetBook for 349 euro duping the competitors?

By 15 hours continuous operation life away from the socket, wind U160 was read in the press release of the MSI. That would be a record-setting performance even for a NetBook, although mobile computer with extreme stamina in this category are by no means rare. Because the U160 the cheapest version we tested costs also just 349 euro, it offered himself to trace the miracle.

The battery is down very well with approximately 65 Watt hours; so far, there was a NetBook from ASUS and one from HP in the same League. All Acer Netbooks tested by us and two models of Samsung are just under 60 watts. Here, the MSI so has a good basis.

The bright LED backlight of the 10.1-inch displays that as so often is in good contrast is also energy-efficient. The integrated Intel atom technology (1.66 GHz N450, 1 GB RAM, GMA 3150 graphics) is very low. Thus, the MSI wind U160 achieved a stamina that only just missed the 8 hour mark in the connect standard test.

The test must bright shine the display by the Bank and the calculator under the typical for the normal work load of the benchmark program MobileMark 2007 Drudge. The endurance reached by MSI is outstanding for a NetBook, Utopia under realistic conditions but the promised 15 hours.

Handling and equipment

The weight and dimensions here that belongs to the handy representatives of its kind wind U160. The battery is down, so can be at an angle the keyboard for comfortable work. Nevertheless, the keyboard for much match prediction represents a weak point: strongly give the rear rows of buttons in the Middle under pressure. The buttons of the mouse pads, however, feels although something strange with her inclination, gave in operation but no cause for criticism. This also applies to the stability of the mechanical components: the battery is just backlash integrated like the display hinge. The equipment conforms to the Spartan NetBook standard – so only a 160 GB hard drive is installed – nevertheless has the U160 Bluetooth on board. For an additional fee, there will be also a version with a cellular modem.