Motorola X Phone, New Rumors about The Ultimate Android

The Motorola X Phone It will be one of the devices more cacareados in this 2013, not in vain, since Motorola have presented it as a terminal to move forward to the never-seen in Android, designed in collaboration with Google, and without skimping.

In addition, from Google’s own CEO has fueled rumors, which are now increased due to the hiring of a director of product by Motorola, and that will surely continue to do so with the passage of the weeks and the closeness of their presentation.

The latest speculations are consistent with spoken so far, and says that we are not before a Nexus terminal, while Motorola and Google work on it together for that brand new Android Key Lime Pie in the upcoming Google I/O.

As Larry Page has already announced, it will be a phone designed to be indestructible, and although Google CEO was talking about the glass screen, is rumored to be the terminal shall be constructed with kevlar fiber, a light and very resistant, although quite expensive material. It is the same with which are manufactured the hulls of the pilots of high competition, for example.

In addition, it seems that it will feature a high capacity battery, possibly of 3,000 mAh battery, and that the camera be presumed 13 megapixel Sony sensor Exmor RS. It is also spoken of expandable memory cards microSD, plus a slight UI customization Pure Google’s Android Key Lime Pie that differs to Motorola’s competition.

In terms of hardware, obviously, you will need a chipset with quad-core processor 2 GB of memory RAM, accompanying a screen between 4.8 and 5 inches with FullHD resolution.

It is difficult at the moment to take us how truthful information while promising both, it is conceivable to think about materials of very high quality, endurance, autonomy and updates as desirable points to see fulfilled the users which would be the first Google Phone Nexus not following the launch of the range.