Motorola Flipout

The extravagant Flipout like with good keyboard and balanced equipment, shows but also weaknesses.

The re-invigorated Mobile brand Motorola rides on the wave of Android and is increasingly naughty. After the more conservatively styled milestone, the Americans showed a good cheat death once again puts on it more courage to design – and the present now to test recent Motorola Smartphone with Google’s operating system already at the Backflip.

Square, practical, good?

The 349 euro-expensive Motorola Flipout comes in a two-piece, square closed housing and comes with four colorful removable cover for the back. Turning the display to the side, comes a QWERTY keyboard to light, which explains also the proud height 17 mm and the weight of 121 grams. Folded the Flipout thanks to only 68 mm edge length fits loosely in your pocket and provides an overview of the message location via the touch screen still on-the-fly. Is the keyboard over the nearly backlash-free swivel folded, is the full functionality available. Also telephony is possible in this State, because the microphone is located below the QWERTY keyboard.

And how the texts on this freakish thing by hand? Surprisingly comfortable: Despite the small size of the Motorola Flipout the keys area with a total 23 cm is very generously sq. Because the presser rejuvenate upwards, they can be wonderfully operated, also they are well separated. Motorola could have saved the tiny 4-ways Navikeys can select all of the features of the Flipout is given of the touch screen but. What the German match prediction something slows down: dedicated buttons for umlauts are not present, appear by pressing the buttons of the vowel a, o, u.

Less rosy assessment of the display fails: the capacitive display measures 2.8 inches on the diagonal and has a very high luminosity with 480 cd / m ² – so it is still legible even in direct sunlight. However, the presentation of the content with small fonts and pixel-icons can not convince. Also, the Motorola Flipout with 320 x 240 resolves to pixels – too little for a modern Smartphone, with the man often surfs the Web. Especially since readability strongly depends from the point of view of the user.

NetWorker with musical talent

The home screen of Android 2.1 Smartphone offers a total of seven levels, which can be equipped with widgets, shortcuts and folders according to their own taste. Contacts, the main menu and the phone display buttons are always accessible in the right display pane. All content is quite fragmented, the operation still succeeds Androidtypisch just about the touch screen and three sensor keys below the display. Also multitasking dominated the Motorola Flipout; a longer touch of the middle button calls a small window with the six most recently used functions.

With Motoblur, the Flipout offers a convenient collection point for mail and news from the social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The configuration of Motoblur is very easy, and get the latest information of the selected services directly on the home screen of the Motorola Flipout already after a short time, while all messages in a universal inbox.

The facilities of the Motorola Flipout brings the usual handicaps of the Google operating system. So dominates the Flipout of House from does not sync with Outlook, contacts are listed only by first name and you are looking in vain for a file browser – makes everything with additional software but or apps solve. It has a comfortable and well functioning in the test voice control on board the Motorola Flipout, HSPA, Wi-Fi and GPS and brings a large MicroSD card for the removable memory slot 2 GB.

Also when playing music, the Motorola Flipout can distinguished: the music player has integrated TuneWiki and so automatically displays the lyrics – the spontaneous karaoke session is so nothing more in the way. I like the sound performance. The included stereo headset sounds quite well, but can not exploit the full potential of the Motorola Flipout. Who really wants to freak out while listening to music, should plug a high-quality set of headphones into the 3.5 mm jack.

Mixed endurance

A surprisingly large battery with 1130 is mAh in compact package which should actually make for a decent stamina. This hope however only partly meets Motorola, as demonstrated by the mixed results. So the talk time in two GSM networks is almost seven and in the UMTS operating well under three hours. Also the typical endurance is less than with 4:32 hours. The practice confirmed the laboratory findings: the Flipout had during the test approximately once a day to the electrical outlet. This shortcoming can iron out again the Smartphone at the reception and Acoustic measurements something, because you are all in the green zone.

Not a phone for the masses

We summarize: in total, the Motorola Flipout is a decent Smartphone for a young target group that wants to distinguish himself from the phone mass production. Despite weaknesses in display and endurance the Android of a different kind will find friends, especially since he is listed with the network operators.