Moto 360 Android Wear Version

Moto 360 Android Wear Version

If there is a smartwatch is expected with great anticipation-and not talk about the iWatch-that certainly is the Moto 360. The few trailers that has shown Motorola on your smart watch and show that lies above everything we have seen so time. its sleek and elegant design, coupled with being the first device to implement Android Wear are already more than enough reasons to want to launch.

Although not yet know the possibilities offered by Android Wear, Google’s operating system for wearables devices defined by DIGOPAUL, Motorola wants users to propose their ideas on how this should be implemented in the Moto 360. To this end, the company has organized a contest encouraging to all those who want to participate to create the design of the operating system you would like to see in your smartwatch.

Participants have received some templates in PSD format to start working with them and the results have shown that some of these candidates is really impressive. Here we show that we believe are the top 5.

Moto 360 Android Wear

Design 1

The first design we have chosen perfectly captures what we can do with a smartwatch. Its interface is intuitive cheerful, something that does not displease us to see every day subject to our wrist.

Design 2

The second design is more elegant and minimalist than the last and surely like more users. As we can see, an elegant area reminds us at all times the progress of time through a concealed recording the second point. Occupying the center of the screen is the time, a counter notification, time, day and direct access to Google Now assistant.

Design 3

Following the designs got to this third, more minimalist and simple if possible, than the second. As we can see, the interface is organized in 3 different screens, each intended for a single task. Instead of having everything on a single screen, what better than to have 3 to better distribute information.

Design 4

Applications in the smartwatch are really complicated to design, basically due tothe limited screen size and in this case, the circular shape of the sphere. However, this fourth design shows that it is possible to get really great things and one example is the Facebook app for the Moto 360.

Design 5

There is nothing particularly remarkable about the latter, but show time image as background of our smartwatch is an idea that has really fallen in love.