Most Ethical Fashion Brands

Dear madmoizelle, now is the time for me to tickle your (future) commitment to the environment, to tickle your (nascent) modesque ethics and awaken your thirst for meetings and knowledge (Nothing). This is Maud and Charly, artists creators respectively of Toubab Paris and Makabu, two brands that deserve to be known. Presentation.

Maud (Toubab Paris)

Maud has created its brand following a trip to Mali. His creations reflect “emotional memory” of this adventure that it has charmed and Bewitched for its colors, the objects finds and heterogeneous materials.
Collector of buttons, it China unusual fabrics recovered from the falls of sewing workshops and produces more ethically possible. They are the local artisans in Africa, people who will reintegrate socially and the disabled in the C.A.T., all trained, who manually manufacture parts. The brand is growing so by promoting better social ties and worrying about the environment.

Charly (Makabu)

Charly operates in a singular way the concept of recycling. Indeed, if you don’t know in what trash yellow, green peas or you have to get rid of the bags of food and good packaging is more a problem! Charly cut you them, them back up and in shape unique graphics and flashy what he then elaborates on a fabric, a jacket, boots, etc…
Clothes are thus transformed and personalised, becoming unique pieces dubbed “of a strong political message on the need for recycling and the refusal of the consumerism. In other words, the concept is not summed up by a pretty print on a t-shirt but asserts itself during the whole process of creation!

To go further…

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