More Than 10 Very Sweet Gift Ideas

To celebrate a party or an important event we like that everything goes perfectly and that our guests are happy. A way of doing this is to give them a small gift so they remember fondly the celebration, but not always like receiving something that will then take place at home.
Craftinlearning has the solution! Gift crafts made with sweet and insurance that will stay with your mouth open. In the following video tutorial, we show you an easy way to make candy flowers. You will need the following materials:

-Sweets of various colors.
– Skewer sticks.

Begins by placing three sweets at the end of a skewer stickexchanging two colors in a way that in to give Center is surrounded by the same color. After short and crosses two sticks crossed by Chucho it central bat of the skewer. When it you have to click four more sweets, one at each end, to form the flower. Remember that they must be of the same color to form the petals!

Finally wrap in cellophane and fasten with a Ribbon by a small loop. Ready!

Did you like the idea? Then you have more ideas to give sweets very quick and easy. Look!

Depending on the type of candy you purchase you can makekabobs so cool like these flowers.

Also you can tematizarlas for a birthday like this.

With the same type of sweets can do some roses so sweet in this video tutorial.

You can use them as a souvenir of your baby shower, both color pink as blue or both!
Watch this worm!

You even can give away them at Christmas.

Another option is to use another type of materials and ingredients for these sweet ideas. Look!

Heart shaped…

… or Butterfly-shaped.

And you can even fill ice cream cones.
You can customize both the colors and the forms of your sweet crafts. Today there are many types of sweets, allowing you to control even the smallest detail of your gifts. Share the result in our crafts Facebook!