Mono Block Power Amplifier AMP Mono MK 2

Because of pearly piano, the AMP Mono MK 2 (19000 euros the pair) / Magico combined pushed lifelike, powerful heavy, black, three-legged Wicked villages and Steinway grand piano in the room.

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As Vincent and Mark Levinson, also AMP when its new large 19_000 euro Mono blocks opted for the principle of bridges with two hot outputs.

The advantages are obvious: at a given supply voltage X, such an amplifier can produce the hub 2_X, because plus X and the other after a half page to can get minus X. Double voltage also double current flows, the multiplication of both sizes leads to the quadruple performance compared with one leg amplifiers. In practice, the power supplies but set limits. The AVM together 84 kilo blocks but advance give the impression as if they – could really push the power at critical low-impedance loads -.

At the same time, the bridge principle with two independent amplifiers forces almost to the symmetrical structure so that the concept of hard bedding twin cable suggests continued. Up to the boxes, which then – because no voltage difference resulting in equal measure error signals – take over the interference suppression.

AMP Chief Günther Mania want to know but quite accurate. That’s why he built an advance common mode rejection at the entrance of his Mono blocks. This job he was also expensive (about 20 euro) as sonorous Burr-Brown-ICs of type OPA 627, which released 100% balanced signals after a short summary of the unipolar.

Then it goes to each side to three push-pull amplifiers that are connected via feedback-reducing coupling transistors. The output semiconductors could drive already a speaker in principle. When the AMP Monos they reload but so strongly and quickly as possible only input capacitors the following output field-effect transistors. And because what adds together is 12 pieces per counterparty clock and 24 copies per pole (i.e. 48 per block) pretty.

There are control, there should be no shortage also to the supply. So got any bridges page their own power supply with a kilowatt strong toroidal transformer and 20 Elko power save, where capacity adds up to 200_000 micro Farad. That’s why AMP not mess but with environmental friends. You may switch – front display helps when switching – on an eco-mode and in terms of power supply continuous load on more fuel-efficient, smaller End stepped – normally it is also still loud enough.

The AMP blocks offer a saving mode

So the AMP chests constructed from thick aluminum fill up under the edge. Especially since every Mono-block contains still a large Board with standby power supply programmable control electronics, music automatic and the like.

In the listening room, the Monos as highly refined and distinguished amplifier gave to recognize. As such, where the listener even brute level not as loud feels – because everything runs totally ordered, absolutely transparent and thus free of any perceptible effort.

Together with the reference boxes Magico M5, the AMPs so some idea of HiFi – the beautiful idea, the impulsivity whisked there – as Small-batching from the table. Because zingerte and not only knocked it there stood just drums; in original size, including seat saddle, stand, screws; completely.

Pearly piano because of, the combination of AMP/Magico pushed lifelike, powerful heavy, black, three-legged Wicked villages and Steinway grand piano in the room. And if about François Couturier in “Un jour si blanc” took out deliberately all sound colors of large instruments and toughest, celebrated the beats, encroaching on the one hand in the depth of the instrument and on the other hand into the room, offered the AMPs as truly ideal delivery messengers.

For the reference Mono blocks tested in March issue MX-R of a Ayre – and only for this – they were worthy opponents. The German and American team let orchestras alike offered pure air and the necessary space. The AMPs – more cautious – later posted the instruments, the Ayres moved them closer to the listener.

But only with vocals by Ulita Knaus, the jury squirmed the more vivid illustrated around a track, “roteren” mouth a la Ayre for. People who like it more discreet at the optimum end reinforcement (and can afford), but still pops the new Mono Amp

AMP mono mk 2

Manufacturer AMP
Price €19000.00
Rating 62.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: per B: 43,5 x H: T: 25.0 x 42.0 cm
Weight: 84.0 kg each.
Measured values
RMS power at 8 Ω / 4Ω 622,0 / 1183,0 W
Damping factor
100 Hz / 10 kHz
Signal to noise ratio 102.0 DB (a)
Standby consumption
Short conclusion Gigantic Mono blocks, the largest wattage and extreme, subtle clean signal processing in a construction combine. Very relaxed, yet incredibly fine and warm sound.
Sound Absolute top class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
Practice amplifier
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 outstanding 92
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 6 / 10