Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch Review

Now the smartwatch became a common object: there are those Android – got there first, there is the Apple Watch. There are some that seem almost normal clocks, until you touch the screen and these changes, revealing screen shots and screen shots are always different.

But the real clock snob until now son disappointed: they want a watch that is a clock … but with functions from smartwatch. So no digital display, no touch screen: only the good old, solid mechanics: true hands, tick true. Solid stuff and real.

Until now

The Swiss Mondaine decided that a mechanical smartwatch – or seemingly mechanical – you could and should do. And he did it.
Helvetica 1 Smartwatch is a smartwatch non-random name: celebrating the country where it is made and even the font to which it is dedicated. Not only because it uses it in every detail, but also because it will be pulled in a limited edition 1957 pieces, year of birth of the famous typeface used in thousands of logos and places (for example in the New York City subway).

A smartwatch that does not look like a smartwatch

Helvetica 1 looks like a normal watch: has a main dial with hour and minutes (and hands! True!) and a smaller one: This indicates the day of the month in the outer ring and the percentage of daily physical activity completed. When the second hand is positioned on the Moon the watch detects the nocturnal activity, i.e. how much and how you sleep.

It may seem that don’t do much, but come to think does exactly those things that other smartwatch do, or rather: detects and returns in an intuitive and direct only that information you care about at a glance: I have to move more, I need to sleep, what time is it, what day of the month is sitting in short you in flow of time and adds some data about your physical activity.

But not only

Helvetica 1 also has a 2-year battery life (can’t beat that) and diver up to 3 atmospheres (about 30 meters).

And actually it’s not just a fine piece of mechanical Switzerland: Helvetica 1 also has an electronic heart that communicates with your smartphone (Android or iPhone) providing more detailed data. But the detail – as it should – you can get and appreciate quietly on the screen of your smartphone.
A courageous choice that of Mondaine Swiss, but also rational and inspired by the pure functionality: the wrist you only what you need, otherwise there are other tools.

How much does take this whim? Helvetica 1 is on presale from 29 July to 6 September at about 765 euro. However, remember that they’ll be doing only 1957, all regularly numbered.