Moment Case: 6 IPhone becomes a Compact

Moment has already had its moment of glory at the beginning of last year, when they managed to carry out his first campaign on Kickstarter: a few objectives converters for various smartphones. The same criticism was very good, except for the form of mounted. But mindful of this new campaign, consisting of those objectives, and a housing It will delight many.

The case moment is a designed housing for the iPhone 6 exclusively (though other models may in the future) and, as you can see, is no more than a thin textured casing until you get to the grip. But that is not the most important thing, but it incorporates a shutter button, which works via Bluetooth, and also helps us to focus, as with a DSLR.

It has a high quality according to Moment for the lens mount. With respect to these, they are the same that we had already seen in the previous season of the company, although now they come with a lid, which incorporates a magnet to stick to the mobile itself and so not to lose it. Of course the housing also allows us to incorporate our belt favorite hipster.

Moment has also designed an app for getting you out of this set. For example, thanks to the automatic detection of lens, apply corrections for that which we us. It also allows an exposure compensation by touching and sliding onto the screen. Among other things, it is fully configurable.

Regarding the price, we’re talking about $49 or a 43 euros per single housing, $125 (110 euros) by the casing next to one of the lenses or $199 (175 euros) by the housing along with two lenses. Taking into account that each lens sells for $ 99, they are not bad prices.

To move forward, the company needs $100,000, and passes less than 24 hours since the start of the campaign, have raised $84,000. No I have no doubt that will be a very popular accessory. Moment has already announced that when you go through this campaign, they plan to make a version for the iPhone 6 Plus.