Models in Bikinis and Swimsuits

Being overweight is no longer a problem for many people because the anguish of not finding what to wear has got left behind. That goes also for the swimwear 2012 who came to help the more fat to make out the summer with a lot of sensuality. Check out!

Hide And Seek

Now women who are overweight no longer shake when it comes to going to the beach or hide behind cangas and black swimsuits and ugly. The plus size fashion for the summer is full of novelties and establishing the idea that being chubby doesn’t mean being out of fashion.

Every woman is skinny, fatty, high or low you have to have common sense and know that’s not the whole piece. For those who are plus size style, some tips are valid:

Swimsuits, bikinis or any other part that is smaller than your size, are prohibited;

Spaghetti straps for swimsuits or bikinis are not well. Bet on wider that guarantee support without scoring or hurt the neck or the shoulders;

Abuse of the pictures! Vertical or horizontal stripes (provided they are fine), psychedelic drawings in 70 years wave that is with everything, prints of animal (Jaguar, zebra, Snake), anyway. Prefer those with dark background and escape the little black dress, unless you feel good;

Swimsuits with side openings or strappy back should be used with caution;

The pits are only for the fatties that did not suffer from sagging, otherwise leave them aside;

Going back to the prints, avoid very large designs because extend the silhouette. The floral is also on the rise;

Bulges are always welcome, value and shape the breasts;

V Neck stretches the silhouette and is a good thing to have a tuned.


It’s not a crime to use a bathing suit if you feel well. Look for more modern models with moorings on the waist, a handle and even strapless to the ones with everything on top.

The brand AcquaLua bet on trend “animal print” and the collection is beautiful. Worth checking out. It’s a different way of using bathing suit and be fashionable.

The sunquíni has the highest panties and the wider side to shape the body of fat women. Lehona brand launched amazing pieces that meet this need with a lot of style.

Vintage models, inspired by the pin-ups, psychedelic prints 50 years years 70 and colorful the years 80 are strong brand features for 2012.

After choosing the swimsuit or sunquíni that most suits you, look for colorful Beach exits and invest in accessories like sunglasses, bracelets and hats. Good summer!