Mio GPS Car Kit

The Mio iPhone Kit costs $99 and provides stable reception of GPS signals as well as ordinary voice quality for calls.

The Mio GPS car kit costs 99 Euros – such as the Our site model and is suitable thanks to adjustable bolt for the iPhones 3 and 4 as well as the iPod touch of second generation. The bracket also visually reminiscent of the kit of the Dutch, is slightly more voluminous and has a different locking mechanism: here putting the iPhone slightly notchy and pushes down the locking bolt. To remove, there is a release button on the right side. Advantage: with cover the most iPhones should fit easily even in the bracket. On the back there is a Bluetooth button that activates the language choice of the iPhone, on the left side you will find the volume control.

Stable mount

Advantage: here too existing ball joint along the suction cup can be fixed so bombproof by means of a screw, you can change the set angle even at firm pressure on the home button of your iPhone. Turn the bracket including iPhone can be turned 90 degrees, right audio and power connections are located, the loudspeaker radiates downwards.

In contrast to the our site, Mio requires no additional software; the significantly improved GPS signal is however not all apps available – the current programs of a NAVIGON, iGo and Sygic are supported. Virtually: The handsfree remains even in operation, if one takes the iPhone from the Kit. Other phones can be connected to via Bluetooth.

Ordinary language quality

The speaker developed slightly more volume than with Our site, not suitable but also for prolonged listening to music. But to make phone calls, because in the car the Mio Kit sounded loud, although sometimes something noisy. In the fixed network in turn the voice out of the car sounded slightly away, also disrupted surr – and noise in the State. While driving, this was however better – just something to agile set mute clouded the picture here. The bottom line lands MIOs GPS Kit just behind Our site – with better handling, but minimal weaker voice quality.