Milla Jovovich, Stylish during Pregnancy

Ago while announcing them and affirmed the news that the model, actress and designer Milla Jovovich was pregnant. As I have here that few times have I seen a woman coping with a pregnancy with as much simplicity and freshness.

Salma tried to hide his belly with a gorgeous bag from Yves Saint Laurent, however despite how pretty that is Mexican actress not we could deny that sometimes he was tired and Haggard. However, Mile is the perfect example of clothing during pregnancy and look beautiful without conditions.

The model is in its third quarter, i.e., almost ready to give birth and it seems that the woman is most sexy and sweet in the world at a time. Especially with this black dress, that of not knowing that the Jovovich is in a State of good hope not seem neither to leagues. In lace black, v-neck and acinturado, is an ideal minidress for the summer He is one waiting for you or simply want to look more relaxed. There is no doubt that Milla is one of my favorites.