Mid Season Fashion

How to dress in the mid-season by abandoning the scarf not to catch the drop to the nose? Easy tips and to recycle clothes that advertise summer.

Spring has arrived yesterday, not easy for everybody to switch her closet for her wardrobe of summer winter.

It is cooled by the chilly air of the morning, feels still good in this coat that has been our best friend in February and put its knackis in flats without socks, even talking.

But in addition to regret the jacket at the time of the lunch on the terrace, you salives also on the onslaught of pastel colors passing under your nose daily. It’s time to look at the solutions of mid-season.

The tactics of the onion

First essential rule between the morning breeze that you ice the bowels and the first rays of Sun that warm your feet entre-doigts the afternoon: adopt the technique of onion.

I.e. dress with lots of layers to remove them as the day and especially at the level of the thermometer. But spring onion is lighter that the one winter, do not put 15 layers of clothes in the morning.

In theory, a jacket, a thin cardigan and a top + a scarf should be sufficient. I say in theory, to tailor where you are because personally I zapped already step cardigan. Come on, let’s make a list of the different clothes you can now already get or recycle dressed for spring:

  • Shirts

It’s really the high lighthouse of the mid-season. It’s the long run so no danger, you don’t face the flesh effect of hen on your hair from forearms. And above all it is light enough to not suffocate the afternoon.

  • The long skirts and jeans 3/4

You’ll be much less cold with a double long skirt or a long skirt in jersey rather than a miniskirt. Later, remains more that to love the style, I know that it is still difficult to wear for a lot of girls but honestly with a perf’ for the rock key or asweatshirt for a style a bit more sportswear and casual, it does.

Jeans, begins to shorten them smoothly passing the denim 3/4 or by simply rolling up his old jeans. To match with ballerinas, wedge sneakers or a pair of richelieu (incidentally the lamees kookaï richelieu high).

  • Scarves

This is the accessory that allows you to not catch a cold hell and by the way it can really be the touch of fun in addition to your outfit. Scarf, silk square, what you want, it’s everywhere right now and especially with very original prints like those of the antagonist, Esther Bonté or Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre brands.

  • The peps colors / pastel / white

Nothing like gay colors in her wardrobe to really feel the spring. If the pastel colors let you still doubtful, try just a little touch and see later if you cross the jeans or the Mint blazer step to water.

Another way out of the greyness and the ubiquitous black winter, believe in a night of Eddie Barclay. Nothing like white to feel completely renewed style.

  • The Case of socks, tights and shoes

For tights, if you decide to put you in shorts or miniskirt, Exchange your opaque models against Blacks slightly more light. Shoes, we are not yet at the season of the Barefoot (although…), but you can already highlight the shoes without socks or fines Converses with small white socks.

If you have other tips, tips from mid-season, come share in the forum!