Microsoft Surface 4 Pro

The big day arrived: Surface Pro 4 is now put on sale. That you already have your quiet unit, you can now go to pick it up. If you didn’t, now you can get it today both in our online shop at any of our establishments. As you know, these weeks we have been talking about it to tell you what you can do with it.

Now, finally, I want to tell you something different: our experience with Surface Pro 4. We have been using it as your main computer. Both work for fun, we have squeezed to the maximum this team and today we told you how went us and what felt us this team.

Yes, a laptop experience full

We have used Surface from the first generation, and our hands have been almost all models. The Surface Pro 3 last year showed us that they were already very closely replicate a user experience similar to a notebook: better keyboard, battery of guarantees, good performance…See more on aBlogtoPhone.

This year Microsoft has decided to continue this path and Surface Pro 4 is, in fact, a tablet that can be used as portable. The performance has improved with the new generation of Intel and the keyboard has been redesigned to make keys look like even more of a laptop computer.

The trackpad is larger and now finally to reach excellence. In fact, in our experience, it is better than some laptop computers. In addition with the incentive of the touch screen we have a lot of way to interact with your computer.

Surface Pen also it has improved a lot and it fixed the problems with the Parallax of the previous generation. Writing is more natural and if you like to take handwritten notes, it is now possible to obtain results very similar to those they would have with a pen and paper.

On the Surface I have told everything already: what offers, how the pencil, use in different areas and the most recommended applications to get out. Now is the time to tell you our experience.

Surface Pro 4 at work

Change computer when you work always is a nuisance. Re-install everything, let us stick to it… In my case, it seemed difficult: I’m used to working with a laptop with a good keyboard. I also use a desktop with Windows 10 computer for when I’m at home.

Configure the Surface Pro 4 was a process very fast: after turning it on and putting my account, I only had to wait a few minutes to have it set as my desktop PC. I didn’t have to do anything because Microsoft had kept all my preferences in the cloud.

I started working with him, I thought that the learning curve would be long and hard. The keyboard I would not allow write as fast or that the screen wasn’t big enough. It had tested other Surface, it is true, but it was very quick to adapt to it and turn it into my work tool.

The keyboard has improved a lot. I do not tire of saying it but change the construction of the parts made to work as fast as on a laptop. Separation and layout of keys make writing more comfortable and agile. The trackpad, finally, works as well as bumper end computers.

The screen is small (typically work fifteen inches) but taking advantage of the different desktops and mode split screen I can sort me all to switch from one application to another. Perhaps it was that has more cost me but I know that in the future I can use the dock and connect the Surface to a larger screen.

Do not use highly demanding applications to work but everything works to perfection: Monkey Writer to write, Microsoft Edge as a web browser, Office to manage documents, Photoshop for retouching images… The configuration of Intel Core i5 and 256GB of storage is ideal if we do not need a very powerful computer.

The battery complies and is able to hold eight hours of work (in my experience) without having to use the charger. I have to admit that I was surprised and although I still get the charger over, I’m more relaxed travel or if I leave it (happened once) do not have to be concerned with autonomy.

I leave the office, I have to continue working on the underground or the bus. The people who review Surface usually emphasizing use this computer on your lap. Don’t worry: remains just as comfortable in the previous generation.

The hinge allows us to adjust the equipment in different positions and with the new keyboard you can type without having to deal with lots of space. They have done well and now more than ever Surface Pro 4 is a computer for work that you can take anywhere.

Surface Pro 4 to entertain

I get in the office, it has been a hard day and leave the Surface loading. While I do some housework, they leave me a few ideas for a presentation that I have to prepare. Not have to hand a book and paper but the Surface. I take it, disconnect the keyboard and open OneNote.

I struck some doodles while taking notes with the Surface Pen. It is necessary, I can understand my horrible penmanship… I do a couple of screen shots by clicking on the tip. It works well and it made this month it stop side Google Keep as a service for storing little notes.

This month I’ve done perfectly to use the Surface for things that are not working. Quito keyboard, sit on the couch and start to surf the internet, read articles in Pocket and watch some video on YouTube. The music this time sounds great, the speaker system is powerful and plays a clean and clear sound.

Of the first things I did with the Surface once install you Steam. I like to play and I wanted to see what such would. I connected the USB my Xbox 360 controller and installed some games catalog. With the most powerful you can, but I decided to focus on those more basic. Not because I could not execute them, but because for a screen of that size he preferred another type of games.

Just the day and I’m going to bed. I have no dream so I put the Surface on the nightstand and play some episodes on Netflix to sleep. Put it as if it were a framework is very easy and with this screen you can see video in HD without disheveled.

The days passed and I discovered that increasingly used over the Surface. Just played my old laptop to play specific things and the desktop was buried. Surface has been my tool of work and leisure activities these days. I have taken him to all places and my back has noticed it: the two kilos of my laptop are noticed in comparison with a device so is small and portable.

A team capable of everything and recommended for almost all

We arrived at the conclusions and this brings us to a reflection is a team for all the Surface Pro 4? My answer is clear: is for most. It is a team to do everything and insurance that meets all the needs that we have in every day. If you want to renew your team and want something different and sexy, go for it.

It is powerful, the Surface Pen goes great and use it as a tablet or portable makes it a very versatile team. If we are that still depend on a lot of cables to work, maybe right for you find something else but for everything else, Microsoft has done a great job with this fourth generation of its aspirations of portable tablet.

Hay que saber bien lo que compramos y por eso mismo hemos querido usar este especial para explicar bien qué podéis hacer con él. Es un ordenador formidable y si nuestras dos prioridades son potencia y movilidad, ten por seguro que con este Surface lo vas a tener.