Microsoft Creates Channel That Provides Trial Versions of Internet Explorer

All popular browsers have trial versions distributed in channels dedicated to developers and enthusiasts, except Internet Explorer. But this today: on Monday (16), the Microsoft announced the Internet Explorer Developer Channel to finally fix this “slide”.

The channel offers a version of Internet Explorer that is not intended for end user to contain experimental or development resources. It’s a way to show what’s coming and the same time, get feedback. Although Microsoft has given no timetable, it is known that the browser will be updated periodically to include new features or settings. It is not merely the traditional betas so.

The first edition of “dev” Internet Explorer already comes with a new version of the DOM Explorer (tool for development), support for automated testing via WebDriver, improvements in WebGL and compatibility with the GamePad (API allows the use of joysticks in games web ), for example.

As with the Canary version of Chrome, Internet Explorer developer can run in parallel to the final version already on the computer without an installation interfere or replace the other.

This is possible thanks to the use of App-V, Microsoft’s own tool that creates virtual services to run applications. The problem is that this software can affect browser performance, which is why the company recommends using the version for developers only for functionality testing.

Internet Explorer developer has about 150 MB and is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. You can know the development resources or that are considered for future releases on page status.modern.IE.

As stated by the beginning of the post, the other browsers have similar channels for some time: the aforementioned Canary for Chrome and Aurora for Firefox. Even Opera Software had already adhered to the idea to Next channel.

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