Mexico Fashion Trends

The trend fashion made in Mexico is spreading like wildfire among brands. So how well visually vibrate to the sound of maracas and be fitting with your House guacamole? Answers in two parts.

It is perhaps the summer of Mexico (Although everyone can unfortunately not enjoy) in fashion inspired by the outfits and gimmicks traditional of the country of Frida Kahlo. If you’re a fan, two options to choose, to swap, or mix at the same time; a more classic, more feminine and also a little more romantic, the New Mexico version.

The other, much more colorful is a lot more sly will delight fans of looks crazy on festivals, and in the city.

How appropriate the look of Speedy Gonzales?

  • New Mexico version

To get a Mexican look at Santa Fe sauce, let us build on a solid reference of our culture G: Catherine Zeta Jones in The mask of Zorro version 98.

On the menu so style gorgeous (© Bruno Vandelli) with brown leather (for example for a bag or shoes), the lace of a whiteness (on a dress or a top), Blue which translates shirts or shorts denim and Turquoise Jewelry, and finally Black to complete the western mixture.

For associations, put on the shirt/short combo (don’t add no Marlboro, too much) or more female duo long dress (or long skirt) with a denim shirt. As for the finely embroidered lace, add a turquoise jewel and you reach the Tenochtitlan.

Finally, for shoes, here again, big trend of the season for any look, you can direct you to ‘natural’ pairs, which is the craft of the braided, the rope mode, etc…

  • Version Mexico tradi

The atmosphere found in the yellow boxes of Old El Paso is the traditional Mexico. Joy, color and the fiesta. Fiestas also well maintained during el Día de los Muertos and the Guelaguetza.

It’s the perfect look for festivals in full hot sun, you know. It’s colorful, it’s festive, it’s short, light and especially you can spot you from a distance. Not stupid, that’s also why H & M steered most of his Fashion Against Aids collection in this sense.

Here you have to master the art of Frisia and graphic stripes. Festival or on the beach is the party of the briefs. But elsewhere, Council: mix your stripes with the jean, of the hooks or fringed tops in Brown and unbleached, or pastel tones. The American Vintage printed blazer for example below marry very well with a small lemon top. And to avoid others fix their tv screen on the focus of Forever 21 dress, you can make it a little more upscale and casual with a white soft shell jacket.

The RADIUS accessories however, loosen up on the colors, beads, bracelets multi-stranded, skulls and a whole bunch of ethnic jewelry.