Mega Campaign: iPhone 6 Giant Photos On Skyscrapers

Apple starts to demonstrate iPhone 6: to the quality of the camera of the Smartphone bestseller from Cupertino advertising campaign for the new, decorated Apple cloud scratch around the world with oversized photos that are taken with the iPhone 6.

Don’t make a mess, but pads. Apple goes great guns in its new advertising campaign, to demonstrate the benefits of the camera of the iPhone 6, as reported 9To5Mac. Already a few days ago Apple has called a world gallery in life on his Web site, which shows stunning images from around the world, with the camera of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus were recorded.

The Global iPhone 6 Photo Splendour

But now Apple goes a step further, by it gives a particularly grand entrance selected photos. 77 different motifs decorate skyscrapers in 24 countries now as giant advertisements. While the ads are only from the image, as well as pointing out that the photo with an iPhone 6 is shot. The recordings come inter alia from Viet Nam, Spain, Tokyo, and Scotland.

The huge high-rise building decorations are divided into social networks like Twitter already diligently. That’s just a coincidence has been that Apple has simultaneously launched the campaign with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at MWC, not once. The images, however, show no doubt what nowadays is possible with Smartphone cameras and the matching apps in the photo area.