Maxi Necklaces: Perfect Accessories for Spring

It seems that spring is resisting to arrive, we still have days with clouds and rain, but we must have Cabinet ready so not caught us by surprise. As soon as it comes out the first ray of Sun like all get those items that we purchased in advance of vibrant colors and fabrics, fine and fresh.

From my point of view one of the best accessories for the season coming are the Maxi-necklaces. They are perfect for decorating a simple cotton color shirt nude or an off tone silk blouse. One of which have undoubtedly become pure trend is the maxi-the French brand Pearl Necklace, Loverists. Today we can find it very similar in Zara or white.

But there is life beyond Chanel and their pearls, I advise that you decantéis by very large and flashy necklaces because they will become the star of your look. I love the multicolored mixing stones and threads like this beneficial necklace designed by Mario Testino inspired by Peru and its customs, on sale at net – porter coming soon or the international brands that are sold at Muic, Ayala 10 (Madrid).

To which you do not atreváis to take one very large and colorful can choose to mix different styles with necklace more small or even choose one of a tone glass or transparent. With this gettin fit the trend to yourselves and go completely safe and stylish.

Do not be afraid to the color and you do not seek too to combine the colors of your clothes with your accessories because we will not get the effect that we want to give with the necklace, which is ultimately a certain attention.