Maternity Wear Prenatal 2014

To be fashionable, even with the bump, clothes Maternity Prenatal 2014, the new collection designed for the hottest season is ready to meet all the requirements of comfort and practicality of expectant mothers, but without sacrificing style. From leggings to pants, from jeans to skirts, to the clothes andswimsuits, there are garments designed for each occasion of use, capable of satisfying even the most demanding pregnant women.

The collection 2014

Also for this year and also for this spring / summer season, the company dedicated to children and their mothers thought of dressing nine monthspregnant with comfort and style and taste. There are all the elements of thewardrobe perfect for expectant mothers: the underwear; leggings; shirts; the sweaters; the clothes; trousers; the skirts; the jeans; the jackets; bikinis. Nothing is missing to ensure sportswear outfits perfect for any occasion.

There are leggings, jeans and slacks, combined with funny or rigorous top sweaters, shirts or most romantic series, a look from day comfortable, but always orderly. There are shorts and jumpsuits, maxi sweaters and mini dresses to dial free from time look more fun and delicious, but also overalls and leggings to match with basic mesh to put very relaxed.

All you need to dress the day to go to work or manage the family.

But also to be perfect in the most special occasions. There are more stringent clothes for family lunches or important appointments, but also more colorful and sparkling solutions for a drink with friends or an afternoon of shopping with the big belly.

In order not to miss anything and, above all, not to miss anything that pregnant women, Prenatal as also the ‘intimate, with a line of underwear designed specifically for the needs of expectant mothers and different solutions for the night, from shirts to go to sleep, to the pajamas to the dressing gowns.

And the beach? Do not worry, it is true that during gestation better not let groped too much sun and the desire to tan to prevent skin spots is equally true that the beach, sea and swimming in the pool is not prohibited. Precisely for this reason there are swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis, plain or patterned perfect in order to make every future beautiful mom and comfortable even in summer with big belly in full growth.