Maria Girl a New Look!

We were so happy when we see the success of our friends and the professional growth of those we admire, is a joy indescribable! Is there anything better than watching people performing professionally, conquering their dreams and goals? Is muiiito good feeling of victory! So, today we want to share with you the flashes of reopening the store Maria Girl, here in Campo Grande (MS). The owner is a super blog reader Basil Melo and she, of course, this new step means the realization of a dream, a synonym for dedication to work and public recognition. Girls, do you remember this store? Is that what we always say it’s Fast Fashion, where we find beautiful looks and good friend price! Anyway, the store was closed a few days to reform and now reopened its doors in style. Lu opted for a more clean, contemporary space, mega cozy, we were in love by the décor, the coatings used, the colors and the amplitude, a wonderful work of interior designer Elayne Felix.

We congratulate the whole team Maria Girl, rolled a super cocktail delight, and we already give clarooo that “basic peek” at the news that arrived at the store. But that we keep for later, tah? We are preparing a super stuffed editorial looks wonderful for someone who loves fashion palpitecos, wait! Today we brought you some flashes of the reopening, who happened to pass by, the salesgirls were gatissimas and mega produced (razed girls!), and the owner of the store super happy! It’s good to see the happiness of other neh? We love!