Manual Feeding in Pregnancy

For women who are thinking of expanding the family or those who are already pregnant, have found a book of great utility that will respond to daily doubts about food should take while your baby is in your belly, in order to provide all the nutrients needed in addition to gaining weight properly finding is so full of energy health and peace of mind.

The work is the fruit of Marta González Caballero, diploma in Dietetics and human nutrition and collaborator of the magazine healthy pregnancy among other tasks related to nutrition.

In the Manual feeding in pregnancy We can from the changes suffered by the body of the mother during the nine months of pregnancy, through the development of the fetus and focusing attention on the nutritional needs of mother and child. In its pages, we also find dietary recommendations food during breastfeeding, without doubt, a very complete work with maternity pants from
If you have any doubts about how to feed yourself when you plan a pregnancy, which can consume freely or foods which will limit, foods that can cause allergies or infections, what to eat to combat the discomforts of pregnancy naturally, etc., feeding in pregnancy Manual offers a very entertaining read that will help you understand and plan your daily diet to take care of your health and that of your little from its conception until the end of lactation.

You can also find it in your usual Bookstore for a price that is around 21 euros.