Manicure, Pedicure for Men Only

Philipp Pechstein is the man behind the “hammer & nail”. The concept of his pure men nail salon receives a lot of attention.

Yes, men also worry to their feet and fingernails. They have so far avoided visiting in the nail salon: plush atmosphere and hundreds of nail polishes are – well – somehow unmanly. The new Munich nail Studio “Hammer & nail” aims to remedy.

The announcement is so clear how rigorously: women need to stay out – apart from the employees. “Hammer & nail” in Munich is the first nail salon exclusively for men.

Hammer & Nail: Munich’s Nail Salon for Men Only

Why? Remains to the manicure and pedicure (n) apparently like to among themselves: “Men want to expose not the looks of women, if they make the nails.”, believes nail salon owner Philipp Pechstein. Here, “where they are among themselves”, they should be relaxed according to whitehallmakeup.

Plant City-Chic for Real Guys

No question, the “hammer & nail” presents itself as a man’s world: while hands and feet be maintained, sit the Lords in deep leather chairs, surrounded by rough brick walls and an Interior that “Workshop” – dedicated to the theme including an old work bench, at the “polished, exfoliated and planed” is, as stated on the Web page.

Prices in the Hammer & Nail

Real men are needed in the “hammer & nail”. With slogans a la “bad touch!” and “Put your hands up, guys!” one wants to dispel the last suspicion of possible Weicheierei. Only one can be at all masculinity – not to reinvent itself -: the nail Studio, which is a nail salon. The manicure costs here between 18 and 48 euro; The pedicure is 23 to 53 euros. Only Nail Polish is not on offer.

Is the “Harley Davidson Under the Nail Salons” in Munich

The “hammer & nail”, which sees itself as the “Harley Davidson under the nail salons”, has already achieved one: A lot of attention. Even though we have to admit that a pure men nail salon is somehow just as funny acts like a hardware store just for women. But doesn’t matter, guys. As long as you look good.