Makeup Mistakes That Age

The makeup aims to let the woman even more beautiful, but sometimes we’re not professionals in this area, we ended up hurting our look with a make wrong. We’ll show you some tricks to learn to avoid highlight lines and areas not in favor. Are four, the worst mistakes we’ve made and that let us older ones:

Excess basis

This makes expression lines and small wrinkles more visible. That’s why the base is deposited in these areas. The solution is to use the product in small quantities and preferably the net.

The constant use of water-proof mascara

This product can weaken the eyelashes and even make them fall, leaving your look sluggish. The solution is to use this type of mascara only on occasions of great excitement, that is, if you’re crying according to

Shadows in metallic tones

This kind of shadow accentuates even more the eye wrinkles and stress the sagging which usually happens after 30 years. The solution is to opt for opaque shadows.

Very dark or red lipstick

These lipsticks give the impression of lower lips. Tom is a trademark of Red younger women. Choose lipstick color and dry mouth.

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles it is recommended to use a moisturizer with firmadoras substances before applying makeup products.

Make an antioxidant diet (e.g. carrots, citrus fruits, cocoa, green tea, flaxseed, saffron or turmeric, coconut oil, tomato, etc.), avoid the Sun and use good quality cosmetics.