Makeup for School

Linda, natural and flirty, this is how you should look at the school that is why today we give some foolproof tips to achieve a makeup that will make you look and feel truly beautiful.

12. Cleaning

A good mask at night would fall you wonder, remember that always, always, always you have to have your face well washed and moist before applying any makeup. As tip we recommend you to use rose water lotion because it will help to soften your skin, says ezhoushan.

11. Eyering corrector

Great eye! If you have dark circles note that you must apply concealer and blend very, very well because the objective is to make them disappear dark circles, not that you have a white cake around your eyes. Remember that the tone you choose has to be as close to your skin color.

10. BB Cream

To make your makeup look not so loaded we recommend that you start using BB creams, is similar to a base but lighter as a cream with a hint of natural colour. It is ideal for teens, also acts as a sunscreen. So do not hesitate to invest in a very good!

9. Translucent powder

This step is optional, if you feel that even you need to perfect your face then you must apply with a thick brush a little translucent powder, will help you to match the tone and eliminate the shine.

8. Transparent mascara / eyeliner pencil

Both products are to make your eyebrows, it is ideal that if you have heavily populated eyebrows only passes transparent mascara and peinalas eye! do not overdo because if not it will be a nasty cake. On the other hand if you lack of eyebrows then ideally use an eyeliner pencil two shades lighter to your hair that’s if you’re dark hair, the hair clear are two darker tones. Dimly it outlines your eyebrows with that pencil and view giving shape according to your style.

7. Shadow

A good shade in neutral tones is perfect for your eyes. You can choose beige, bronze, cream, champagne or roses very clear. Also check that you last much longer we suggest to apply a first, a bit of concealer or Foundation before putting your shadow.

6. Mascara

Made the previous step continues curling your Eyelash, remember enchinar at the base, half and tip this will achieve the curly is very natural and are not so marked. Apply one or two able to generous (all with measure) of mascara and ready.

5. Upper eyeliner

To make your eyes appear larger we suggest you outline in the upper part of the eyelid with pencil black or Brown, also between more punchy put her eyelashes, thick and abundant will be.

4. lower eyeliner

Apply eyeliner to the bottom eyelid will help you open your eyes and look more fresh eyes. Just remember that you should use light colors such as; beige or white. You can also use it in the corners of the tear ducts to give light to the eyes.

3. Blush

You have almost everything ready and a good blush or flush should not forget, choose tones that make your skin look fresh, healthy and very natural. Remember if your face is elongated apply blush close to the apples of the cheeks. If your face is round applied from inside towards outside just above cheekbones.

2. lip balm

Keep lips hydrated and with a bit of color is what you need for every day at school and the lip balm is the indicated product. So you do not compliques and uses the simplest; super pink light, casting, nude are the ideal shades for you.

1. Fixative

Ready now you have your makeup! But you want it to last all day? Then from the fastener you must not forget you can use a home or a store product. For the home, it is very simple.
You will need:

  • Atomizer
  • 2 lemon tea bags
  • Mineral water

Steps: begins by adding lemon tea bags and let stand overnight infusion or until the water changes color. Add mineral water atomizer and also the tea infusion. After makeup, applies the water directly over the face at a distance of 30 to 40 cms. With this recipe not only going to achieve that makeup set, but that you will also contribute to the hydration of your skin.

Remember not to use products in excess as the director and your teachers will realize that you are made-up. Do it quietly and just add some Pat makeup that will enhance your beauty and make you look more beautiful.

Do you think of this makeup to school routine? You, how you make? Would you like to share with us your routine?