Luxury Anklets!

Summer is coming and fashion shows it with the changes in clothes and accessories you see on the street. A lot of people are already prepared to transform their wardrobe and jewelry box to make everything look colorful, light and fun. One of the mayors accessories are the anklets. They give an extra value in the feet that will be freer either on the beach, in the pool, or even on walks. After all, in this heat, no one can get their feet closed in a shoe.

The anklets are a summer fashion trend for a long time, because it’s just you go to a beach that will realize that not only in jewelry or jewelry stores that they will be, but also in feirinhas and street. They are everywhere, whether they are to be sold, or even at the feet of women and men who always enjoy being fashionable.

Here are a few examples of ankle-highs that will ruin this summer and choose the one that has more to do with your style of dressing and introducing yourself to other people. It has option for everyone, of any kind, just choose yours and enjoy the beauties of the next summer.

The Summer 2017 Anklets

The first one you’ll see here is very easy to find. Just enter the Waufen e- shop and buy it. And look, she’s very beautiful and well made. The delicacy of the piece is its main attraction, usually the anklets should be thus, finer and with small and shocking details. This is made of metal, with white rhodium bath and crystals zirconia, the main one in drop shape, which gives the piece charm.

The second piece that you will see is fashionable already has a time, are anklets with more layers and a larger pendant in the middle that connects all the lines. It is very much used by beach, or pool, or places that you can stand barefoot. Very pretty and matches with other larger and extravagant pieces as well.

This third is perfectly beautiful, delicate, subtle, even sensual to lovers of feet. These types of ankles attach to the second toe by means of a kind of ring and look incredibly beautiful. This one from the photo below is perfect, but the feet help too.

The hippie anklets are the best-selling in the whole country and they are really beautiful, worth a short time, just part of the summer. With little time and the effect of the sea, it loses its brilliance, it rustles, ruins, etc. But it is very beautiful and for those who like this style is always a good option.

Finally, several delicate anklets on both feet bring a cool and different style to anyone who is wearing it. If you put a toe ring on it, then, it gets sensational. Excellent option for those who like these accessories. If you want something that lasts longer, prefer the jewels and semi jewels, the quality is much better.