Luminaire Lighting Design

Due to its favorable properties of aluminum is very versatile and enjoys not only in luminaire design a favorite. The material meets the highest requirements: It is light, but still has a high strength; He is resistant, highly resilient, flexible in processing and can be recycled. Aluminum comes in automotive and construction, electrical engineering, plant construction and in the aerospace industries. And it is also used in the production of a variety of products and design objects as valent and versatile material. It can be processed by all conventional metal processing methods and easier forming as many other metals.How diverse aluminum in luminaire design is used, we would like to indicate the following selection of lamps from our online shop design place.

LC Shutters

The aluminum screen this modern pendant light was given by designer Louise Campbell its characteristic appearance. It remains LC Shutters the company philosophy of Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen faithful: it combines a distinctive look with stringent functionality. Their design the light for much pleasant brightness ensures. The structured screen possesses in its three-dimensional pattern of small openings, subtle light penetrates through the outside. At the same time this gives the white screen a delightful glowing effect. In addition, the wide-open screen can fall much brightness down.Nevertheless, the lamp remains hidden because it sits face down in a ball of opaline. This makes it possible the lamp also zuhängen very high. LC Shutters is a versatile, high flux lighting model that spread atmospheric lighting in private as well as in commercial spaces.

Faro Crater

The pendant lamp Crater of Faro Barcelona is characterized by an exceptionally large vintage lampshade made ​​of aluminum. He is far drawn over the lamps and thus prevents any risk of glare before. Because of the gold inner surface much light is reflected down into the room, also this sets a visual highlight. The color contrast between the outside and inside and the extravagant shape of the screen, making the unit an elegant eye-catcher. Faro Crater is a lamp that produces a lot of light, because it has come accommodate three lamps and so can accommodate up to 120 watts for use. Crater thus ensures in the living area for sufficient brightness, but is as well very good for restaurants.

Juicy Lightyears

Even Juicy Lightyears made ​​mostly of aluminum and combines elegance with functionality. The smooth surface of the aluminum in combination with its tasty, organic appearance are the basis for successful, modern luminaire design of Juicy. Seamlessly, the individual elements a balanced whole. The screen that appears at first glance as a unified whole, is interrupted by a fine ring. This will light up as soon as Juicy is turned on, and makes it possible that also the outer side of the screen is illuminated delicate. The light it emits is warm and creates a pleasant atmosphere. This generates, concluding the bottom, light filter honeycomb. Mention must be made ​​that it is Juicy is a lamp, which was designed by the designers Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard especially for the use of energy saving bulbs. All these features make it a Hanging Lamps model that fits perfectly over the dining table.

VOLUME Led Lightyears

The table lamp Volume LED combines the advantages of aluminum and acrylic in an original way. The naming of the lamp is already an indication of the source of inspiration for this model. The famous designer duo GamFratesi drew inspiration for volume of a stereo amplifier from the 80s. And as the volume control, can also be the degree of brightness regulate in this table lamp: By simply turning the screen left or right, volume is delivered more or less light. An intuitive motion of a region transferred to another. GamFratesi tell in this design a story that combines the past and present and will ensure a clear and yet unconventional design. The hand caressing lampshade is made ​​of matt lacquered die-cast aluminum, available in several colors. The names of the different color models also come directly from the pop music: Blackbird (blue black), Evergreen (petrol) and fade-to-gray (light gray). Volume is a design highlight, it is a supplementary light source is perfect for side tables, shelves or sideboards.