Lumia Mclaren Gel Stroke: Microsoft’s Larger Lumia 1020?

With the Lumia McLaren Nokia collector Microsoft had literally big. The Smartphone was regarded as the official successor of the Lumia 1020 until the development is stopped suddenly. Until now, photos of the prototype emerge. And you show a too large part Lumia 1020.

Lumia Mclaren Gel Stroke Microsoft's Larger Lumia 1020

Actually Microsoft’s Lumia McLaren would have been ready in these days for sale in the trade. Had pulped months ago the project of the technology giant. The successor of the Lumia 1020 (the Smartphone with the oversized 41-mega pixel camera) became the topic of conversation in advance due to the planned 3D-Touch-Technik. She should enable also a more complex operation of games and apps without having a touch of the display would have been required. Microsoft according to Tom Warren of the verge adheres to the 3D technology continues. Only by the Lumia McLaren we get nothing you more to see pictures of the prototypes, which is now making the rounds on future.

Lumia Offered Mclaren Prototype In China For Sale

A Chinese vendor has offered prototypes online according to a message from WMPoweruser for sale. Reportedly, the device comes from a Nokia lab in China. While some users on the Internet right back due to lack of verification call out the fake alert that others rate the photos as authentic. The prototype looks the Lumia 1020 very similar and has even the concise camera hump on the back. Among the five or six inch large display with full HD resolution, a Snapdragon CPU with the support of 2 GB is RAM. The internal memory will hold 32 GB.

After Microsoft’s McLaren was not developed further remains exciting, as the manufacturer will absorb trip by 2015. The idea of a new flagship of Smartphone with Windows 10 is expected on the Mobile World Congress 2015. Is the said 3D-Touch-Technik then maybe used?