Loss of Colostrum during Pregnancy

The breasts are one of the parts of the body of the woman who suffers more variations throughout the pregnancy. And it is that unborn baby, our body is preparing to feed it. One of the consequences is the loss of colostrum during pregnancy.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, since lactation hormone levels rise significantly, the woman may feel loss of colostrum, the first milk from the breasts. It is a sticky and watery substance that will serve as a first food the baby once born.

Prolactin, oxytocin, the hormone placental lactogena and the luteinizing participate in the process of the formation of breast milk. Colostrum is earlier than the actual milk. Find maternity scarf on Philosophynearby.

In the third quarter, the production of milk from the breast of the mother is indirectly stimulated by your baby: your adrenal glands produce substances of type androgenic to circulate his blood and, arriving at the placenta, are converted into estrogen. It is believed that they then act to stimulate the production of prolactin in the body of the mother.

Before these loss of colostrum, that may occur at any time of the day, they may be protective disks in the frame to avoid staining clothes. It is also likely to occur at the time of sexual arousal, or during a massage that stimulates the breasts.

In any case, remember that they are losses normal, frequent in the third trimester of pregnancy, though they may also occur before.