Looks for the New Years Eve

It’s a night where it’s not good to be a shell or crustacean. On a night where expensive alcohol fills the bellies by hundreds of thousands. A night where everyone dances on the tubes of Gilbert Montagné. One night where the fire ablaze Heaven (and a few cars, but that’s another story).

A night where we wear makeup with a trowel and even that, covered in glitter, are really more beautiful. Tonight, it’s 31 December, and it’s
coming soon… so it’s time to think about the dream outfit that will enter in 2008. Look for your new year’s Eve 12/31/2007? The answer in pictures with, for each program, a dress code to follow.

First option: the evening with friends

Evening binge in perspective… With the menu all the flavours of the world (pizza, tacos, vodka, rum and tequila), you risks to end the evening we fire stand on the table or/then ill kneeling in the bathroom… Need you a sexy outfit (you never know who can fall), festive (it’s still a special day) but not overdressed (to tecktoniker, Zouk or same breakdancer-Yes it’s like that, me I invent some words-with perfect impunity).

Legend: headband with bow (Naf Naf), pumps and album glitter (H & M), whip beaded – bah what party? -(Antik Batik), sequined vest (Guess by Marciano), dress sequined (H & M), (Etam) cuff bracelet, striped Blade (Elodie Gossuin to Veti) shorts, earrings ears (Nature jewelry) and Derby (Camper).

Second option: family night

Ah, the wake family: your nephews who squint on your chest, your aunt who notices how you’ve grown (again!), your parents who fight in the kitchen and the dancers at the Crazy who is music naked in TV… For tonight, need you an outfit lovely (since it captures the moment with digital camera) but especially not provocative (y’ the great mother lurking). With a little luck, you can even make finance by your parents, then choose something reusable on a daily basis.

Third option: the romantic evening

Do you want to find yourself alone with your boyfriend? Do you have tired nights that end in the vomit? Or quite simply, except him, you don’t have to friend… Romantic new year’s Eve is for you but, beware, it seem bland if you bring not a touch of reverie: it’s time to get out the big game! Put on an outfit very feminine and glamorous to perfection with a bonus, for the after midnight, a pretty set of lingerie.

Legend: Pumps with heels Golden (H & M), strapless cotton dress Satin with bow under the breast (all simply-Casino), Pearl Wolf (Antik Batik), long gloves satins ‘Laura’ (Etam), collier (Paul & Joe), bag way small purse vintage (Accessorize), beaded nippies (Antik Batik) and lingerie set, SG and panties with garter belt integrated (Sun sugar).