Looks for the New Year

The new year is a time of celebration, of hope reborn and renewed faith. Is the time of the promises of a better year, with more love and peace. For all that, the new year should be felt and lived with great style and nothing better than being right, for good and beautiful in a well-produced look!

White’s classic

White is the classic color to spend new year’s Eve. That’s because it represents peace. He is seen in almost all right now, especially at parties on the coast where the clothes are more loose and comfortable. The whites in the new year can be worn in different ways, since the more stripped down to the more elegant:

Long gown

Visual Beach

The white suit with the celebrations on the coast and when more comfortable is the best clothes. The footwear must also comply with the environment: a Sandals is the most indicated the Gladiator type that are up and match with a more stripped.

Cropped Top

Another good option and that is also very fashionable are the sets of skirt and high-waisted shorts accompanied the top cropped. You can also use it with a long skirt. That kind of look can serve both to the seaside (if more embroidery, a looser fabric or done in crochet) as well as in more formal parties, using a thicker fabric and adding lace and precious stones.

Learn how to use the crochet cropped top and blast new year’s look.

Not only does the white new year

Actually, wear white at the turn of the year is a classic, but in the fashion world, all rules can be broken. The look can be stamped, monochrome and colour variety possible. The most important thing is that you can tailor your visual to the occasion.

For those who prefer a slimmer and stylish look with unique colors and flat pieces, can leverage and put more twinkle in accessories like a maxi necklace or a purse with precious stones and sequins. Footwear can ask a sandal or a paw. Heels can be fine, but for the occasion, the ideal is to be thicker since the new year’s Eve party can last many hours and you won’t feel uncomfortable.

More brightness

The new year is a time when you can abuse the brightness, especially silver and gold, but be careful! Yet it’s not Carnival. If you opt for a tube dress, pasted in the body and silver or gold in colour, weigh less in makeup and accessories. Let your clothes be the highlight of your production.