Looks by Karen Manica

Hello girls!!! How are the “compritchas” year’s end? They’ve already chosen gifts, looks to use at parties and clothes to enjoy the summer? We are very worried about that, nor sleep right thinking like pulling the paparazzi flashes. So, every time we see new features in the windows of the shops have to stop, get, check out, futricar here, futricar there, and when we were in love we make a point of bringing the luxury feeling, so you can also get a taste of “queroooo…eu I precisooo”. We’re not all selfish! RS

And today, to shine on our virtual showcase, we brought you the looks “baphonicos” of Karen Manica Boutique. We went to the store, in Campo Grande/MS, and mounted several productions with the pieces that have just arrived, impossible to get out of there without a mind-blowing look. Has options for all ages; for those who like since basic production for the day-to-day, even for a lavish party; fashion, modern pieces and peeled away; fashion trends; and even for those looking for larger sizes (has options up tam. 46!). Here’s our pick for who is in search of a store where the good taste, sophistication and variety! We love it!