Look:Midi Skirt Or Pencil Skirt?

Hi, girls!

Wear with elegance should be the focus of all women. Unfortunately it is not so. The vulgarity is there and, in my opinion, she debunk the woman. Is a mistake to think that show the body values the woman. On the contrary, when the body is exaggerated, the other woman’s qualities are hidden. So, dress well communicates who you are to people.

By the way, one of my favorite parts is the midi skirt and the pencil skirt. Are coy, but extremely elegant. The midi-length came discreetly and fell like the chicks. Despite some doubts at the time of use, any woman can invest on your, high or short. Already the length pencil is a fashion classic for years!

The first model is a evasê, stamped, midi. I like this pattern. I used the shirt which has one of the colors of the pattern, in this case and green. Midi skirt, to be considered as well, have to hide your knees or part of them. Feet, I used a sandal in Brown and beige tones, which follow the color of my skin and not cut the leg. Besides, it’s too short! I’m too high. Hahaha

The second look is more glamorous. This pencil skirt is well aligned with the silhouette of the body, but without vulgarity. How my hip is wide, never use tight skirt with print, because brand even more. I always print on the top, to balance. Feet, one of the prettiest Sandals I’ve ever seen! She is super high, Brown (which also leaves more elongated legs), but is mega comfortable!

How about girls? Liked the tips? I hope you use them in your everyday life!

But then you got in love with one of these parts or shoes and don’t know where to buy? Follows up the online shops of naturegnosis.com!

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Shops Calci

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-Viamão: Coronel Marcos Daniel, 52/01 Shop

I hope you enjoyed it, girls!

Super Kiss!:)