Linn Uphoric Phono Preamplifier

So far, Linn phono stages only for the in-house pickup were intended. Uphorik (2200 EUR) Linn of the whole world opens up.

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It happening a lot in Linn. You can see that about it, that the Scots known as stubborn had a radical (6/09) one the last update of the Sondek LP 12 to date frowned upon direct current motor. Now developer Ian Wilson breaks another taboo: with the Uphoric for 2200 euros he presents a highly flexible phono stage, which is a previously unthinkable battery of dip-switches according to taste mm and MC systems can be adapted to.

This, Wilson has by no means abandoned distaste for this kind of setting. He just uses them to comfortably find out the desired value for the system. The dealer can then solder it and bypass the switch battery.

Thus, the flexibility of the Uphorik adopts brilliant moves. It provides two gain stages for MM and MC, a capacity adjustment at MM in eight sensible steps and an input resistance changeable in four values from 45 to 51 kilo (kΩ).

Similar to practical systems of moving-coil can be adjusted. Eleven levels of 31 to 1000 ohms are available.

Perfect adaptability

The hearing test should show at the end of how useful it can be to be able to change the input capacitance, MC systems. One anticipated: the Uphorik allows up to enormous 2 Nanofarad (nF) four steps from 470 Picofarad (pF). Therefore, there should be hardly a pickup this precursor does not like.

An amplifier circuit based on many years of experience combined and layout of components has remained at the core. That is responsible in particular for good sound. This is similar to the Uphorik of the Urika-MC installation sound stage (6/09) and has separate amplifier branches, where the best operations amp 211 dominated GRANDPA for MM and MC, as well as for the channels. MC and MM section differ in these stages. MC accepts the direct coupling to the pickup a very low-noise component. The MM section is happy because the lower necessary reinforcement with slightly less quality ICs.

The XLR jacks for both the inputs and the outputs deserve special attention. Latter is level to a real balancing through a in addition. Recommended for long cable connections. Pole of the XLR jacks are identical to the RCA inputs, but offer the possibility to use a balanced cable with separate shielding. This can bring Sonic benefits.

In the hearing test, we tried the reference turntable Linn LP 12 first radical with EKOS SE tonearm and MM system reson Reca (2/06). Already in default with 47 kΩ and the engaging musicality of the Uphorik enthusiastic 68 pF. This had increased even more after we kΩ the input resistance on 49 and changed capacity 105 pF. The tonal alignment remained almost the same. But suddenly, the musicians had practiced better interaction, votes showed more expression and the overall picture was simply more consistent.

With this performance the Uphorik from the stereoplay highlight Moon defected LP 5.3 RS (6/09), which gave more shine while minimal in the heights, but in contrast to the rousing momentum and the attention to detail of the Linn precursor was Hobbies and karger.

As we then the ReferenceAbtaster Lyra Titan i (6/06) mounted had, initially lay its optimization. It became evident that the capacity at MC-tone cans played a role in addition to the input resistance can: with the appropriate input resistor 560 ohm the capacity of a proud nF led to the most compelling result.

Its predecessor and long-time stereoplay highlight Linto sounded, however, perhaps directly, but Coarse grained and less clear in the representation of fine musical ramifications. With symmetrical cable, the Uphoric sounded Sudden again in love detail and complex. The conclusion of Scottish value change: We’re giving away a euphoric highlight!

Linn Uphorik

Manufacturer Linn
Price €2200.00
Rating 60.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Mass B-38, 0 x H 8, 0 x T 36.0 cm
Measured values
N ratio MM 5 mV, 1 kohms 84 dB
MM (standard system) 77 dB
MC (0.5 mV, 20 ohm) 78 dB
Reinforcement MM / MC 48.0 / 64.0 dB
Headroom MM / MC 36 / 3.0 mV
Input impedance, MM 49 kOhm + 386 pF
MC 109 ohm
Output resistance 302 ohm
Power consumption standby 10.4 W
Short conclusion The Linn Uphorik shines not only due to great flexibility, but also balanced, natural timbres and compelling musicality, which she gains a stereoplay highlight.
Sound Absolute Spitzenkl.
Sound points MM / MC
(maximum 70 points)
59 / 60
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (max. 120 points) very good-87 points
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 5 / 10