Lingerie with GPS

Sometimes technology joins the advance and great causes, as it is this new technological gadget that is revolutionizing the world and which is being tested in the India.

The technology industry has put hands to work to create a technological gadget that can put an end to the wave of rapes that is occurring in the India. Three engineers from the University of Chennai, in the South of the India, have lacing a line of women’s underwear which incorporates a GPS that alerts the police and the family when an attempted sexual assault.

You can know where you will find through GPS, GSM is a global system of mobile communications which will be which alerts and will be alerted by a pressure sensor. This gadget aims that the India women can walk with total Libertà.

This female underwear technology arose earlier this year and is expected for mid may already marketed with her and can go forward in terms of materials and facilities.

A similar system arose years ago but the functionality was totally different as that on that occasion it was sought as something macho since the intention was to know where were the women.