Lingerie For the New Year!

Girls, I publish this post, but I’m repeating to you still programming with your lingerie for the turn. There’s still time for you to choose the color you want to use and order it. We have many parts prompt delivery, please contact us! Enjoy and read at the end of the post some sympathies and tricks to get along!

New year is coming and many of us believe that colors can bring more inspiration in our dreams and desires, just believe!

Now, physicscat will put a post on the meaning of the colors (as we have said here) with photos and everything, to have you go choosing which to use and make your order!

So here we go:

In this blog, they indicated a site () that offers sympathies for the new year. For those who enjoy and believe in tricks, follow these tips:

To attract love

You will need: a pink panties.

Way of doing: On new year’s Eve, wearing a pink panties inside out. That way, your chances of finding a new love will increase too.

To be happy in love

You will need: a bottle of orange-blossom water + two liters of water.

How to do: Mix a vial of orange-blossom water (easily found at compounding pharmacies) with two litres of water and mix well. After taking a normal bath, throw that potion from head to toe, asking happiness for your love life. Believe me: new possibilities will emerge.

To find a love

You will need: a pair of panties (of any color) and a Red Ribbon

Way of doing: On new year’s Eve, tie a Red Ribbon on the right side of your panties – work in the loop! In 2012, a love approach, keep your eyes peeled!

Ritual for love

You will need: a pink quartz stone; an amethyst stone; a white quartz stone; water and salt.

How to do: leave all stones (Rose Quartz, amethyst and quartz white) submerged in water and salt. The other day, after washing them under running water, leave them exposed to the Sun for 1 hour. Spend the new year with these rocks right next to you. The next day, place the Rose Quartz in your underwear drawer-she should stay there throughout the year. Amethyst should be returned to nature, as in the foot of a tree or the waves of the sea. Give the white quartz for a loved one and tell her it’s going to be a good luck charm. The attraction of love will appear shortly.

I confess I’m not adept at sympathies, but what about you?! Do any at the turn? Have you ever worked? Tell us!

Take advantage of tips, choose your color and contact us, make your package at your desire!! What matters to us, is you be unique!