Lighting Designers and Architects

The great master of brazilian architecture, Oscar Niemeyer, said: “A good lighting raises a mediocre architecture, bad lighting and ends with the best project”. Your undeniable knowledge makes us reflect on the importance of the completion of the work of architects and Lighting Designers. The joint work of these professionals leads to excellence in their designs.

It is the responsibility of the architect to draw up plans or solutions for environments, in order to make the lives of your customers more practical and enjoyable. For that, the lighting plays a key role. The Lighting Designer is the professional who also studies the site and can apply the colors, shapes and intensities of light ideal for every environment, valuing the work by architects according to

Profession of Lighting Designer

As the market perception about the advantages of investing in adequate lighting, the greater the demand for these technical professionals. In Brazil there are consulting firms that specialize in lighting, although are still scarce and the profession has not yet be regulated here. In Europe and the United States the situation is different, because the Lighting Designer is recognized, and the profession is quite studied.

LED consulting and economic advantage

The PD LED is a company specialized in LED lighting design, lighting technology cost-effectively. Nowadays, LED lamps offer a great variety of shapes, that when applied correctly, can generate savings of up to 90% increase in homes and light commercial environments.

In addition the PD LED works in conjunction with architects, engineers, and end customers, besides professionals electricians and gesseiros. Supplementary form, the consultants follow the progress of works and provide all the assistance, from the design to the installation of their products. The projects are customized and produced in 3D technology, and the service is free and differentiated. Schedule a visit!