Light Filled Dips in Any Time

After a busy day, there is as relaxing in a swimming pool or hot tub, allowing that the water will take the concerns and tensions.

Here you can suggest how to illuminate your pool in the best possible way. LED technology, in addition to saving energy, is also ideal for aquatic environments because of their variety of colours and presentations to emphasize.

Tecno Lite we have special LED lighting, prepared for use in humid environments.

It is important that you seek appropriate fixtures so that they enhance the style and shape of your pool. It is possible to choose between luminaires, recessed or superimposed on the outline of the same or nearby walls.

A swimming pool and surrounding us always forwards to natural spaces and comfort, where the plants and rocks make the times of decorative elements according to phonecations.

Some suggestions are ideal for swimming pool submersible H-520/3W/30 or RGB and can be the ideal choice for illuminating these environments. Light highlighting the natural elements near the swimming pool will help you give it a look enviable once night has fallen.

The warm tones are an option for the pool environment is reassuring. Summer is here, and in Tecno Lite we want you to enjoy the most of your outdoor at any time of the day. Why not celebrate your arrival with a pool party?

Visit one of our dealers, it you can follow guiding so that you enlighten your pool and its surroundings.

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