LG Optimus Speed in Practice

Super fast dual-core processor, flashy displays: The LG Optimus speed is the first of an impressive new smartphone generation

  1. LG Optimus speed in practice
  2. Handling and equipment
  3. Processing and conclusion

The LG Optimus speed is the first Smartphone with a dual-core processor on the German market. What the many computing power on a Smartphone?

For high resolution movies, an elaborate animated user interfaces and multi-tasking with parallel application. Here first a brief overview what is speed everything on paper with the Optimus: * 1Ghz-Dual-Core processor: NVIDIA Tegra 2 * 4-inch touch screen: resolution 800 * 480 pixels * 8 GB memory (plus the MicroSD card slot for memory cards up to 32 GB) * 1500mAh battery * 8-megapixel camera * 1.3-megapixel camera on the front for video calling HDMI output * recording and playback of videos in 1080 p (full-HD/1920 * 1080 pixels) * DLNA compatible (digital living network Alliance)

Also the quadrant benchmark test, which determines, inter alia, the 2D and 3D graphics performance confirmed the powerful computing power. The result: While the nexus one and Motorola milestone 2 to approximately 1250 points, the Optimus landing speed at 2250 points (see image gallery). The beauty of the LG-Renner is however: all these abstract data are immediately palpable, if one takes the speed in the hands. The brilliant display, which reveals only in very precise look, first there is that it is made of individual pixels together.

The colors are extremely gaudy, high contrast and especially the black is really deep black. Which also means that the display in dark background reflects but quite powerful. That being said, the display but even in direct sunlight can be properly read.

One begins to explore the display per finger, now the appropriate processor performance is really tangible.

The Optimus speed not only instantly respond to input. There you are current Top models not much slower. It is in particular also there rapidly, where then the otherwise fleet competition required short waiting times.

Through the address book with good 1000 contacts, scrolls the Optimus speed as the wind, is it still useful to control, or is now the letter, if you use the alphabet right at the edge of the display to the navigation.

This can be by the way both set, whether first or last name appears first, and regardless of whether the address book are sorted by first or last name to. The contacts will bring the Optimus speed over Google or Facebook, LG offers but also a PC Suite for the data synchronization with the computer, but not accompanying the test device.

The Smartphone as quickly respond to input that makes even the mere strolling through the menu fun. The Panel has LG visually the own adapted, she is still as Android’s interface and easily operable.

That the Optimus speed with Android 2.2 works, we felt not a disadvantage. On top of that, LG has already announced an update to the current version 2.3.

Seven home screens are available for the free design. You can be exchanged through a wiper on the display, the home button Alternatively provides a mini preview of all screens for direct selection.

Of course, the Optimus offers direct access to the Android market, where around 100,000 applications, many of them free, ready for downloading speed. LG has software side but already even pimped the facilities.

Our test sample had a security software from F-secure document master, an application to create and edit Office files. For convenient use in the car, the speed holds a special mode with much larger buttons, which clearly brings together the relevant driving applications such as the music player, the phone functionality, and navigation. LG uses Google maps for navigation.

What could convince us not really: the camera shows off with 8 mega pixels of nominal resolution, offers only a small LED flash replacement and lack of separate camera key, the auto focus can be not specifically controlled. Here it produces waste but occasionally if the auto focus when the did not succeed. Despite these limitations: Like the image quality in good light conditions.

The Optimus records speed with an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1088 pixels videos. Depending on the PC monitor, this is more or less filling the screen. And the tone is excellent in a quiet environment.

The Performance as well as the display are absolute, but LG has missed the speed on top of that an adequate housing.

The housing next to the Optimus 7 is the fanciest we had ever from LG in hands. The processing has succeeded perfectly, the design. In the engaging the entire back and bomb-proof fitting battery cover, LG has admitted, for example, a small metal bar with Google logo. The side keys to adjust the Volume

Around the camera, the case is a good mm increases – nothing anything that might disturb the unpacking from the bag and. Aside from the metal bar back with a soft-touch surface is covered, that feels not only pleasant, but gives little grip in hand speed, in the test but soon became a small scratch.

The front cover a continuous glass, the as mentioned something reflects. For this, she makes a stable impression: even on strong pressure is the display grille no bit after. Given sure not easy to realize the large area (4 inches on the diagonal).

The Android controls running as sensor keys under the display react reliably and have sufficient space. That the Optimus out speed are quite big falls, we will gladly given the 4-inch display in purchase. This also applies to the fact that the intensive use battery was empty after a day. We had no problems with the reception, like the endurance of detailed test and course must show accurate results in the laboratory.

Conclusion: First-class high-tech Smartphone

What we can say now already sure: LG has not only managed to bring the first Smartphone to a new generation of high-speed models. For some smartphones with dual-core processor will follow in the coming months. The LG Optimus is a really nifty device that makes equally impressed how fun in the first test on top speed. Respect!

And the recommended price of 549 euro is entirely appropriate given the available performance. So: Who wants to wait for more new-generation devices, can wait like to have more selection. If you are impatient, can strike without hesitation.