LG Invests in Flexible Displays

LG has so far been less known for major innovations than for reliable entertainment electronics.But with their latest investment, they want to change it. LG has long been talking about curved and even flexible displays, which should be installed in the future smartphones. The Flex 2 already has such a display, even if it is not yet 100% mature. A press release from the company shows, however, that the first experiment is now to be a real series production. In South Korea, a separate production facility will be set up to deal with the design and development of flexible displays.

Focus On The Market

LG has only recently seen the example of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, that end consumers would love to see innovative displays on their smartphones. So far, Samsung and LG are, by the way, the only smartphone manufacturers, which have at all concerned with the extraordinary displays, at least with a presentable result. LG is now investing a total of $ 908 million to create a healthy base within the next two years to meet demand for innovative displays, and you can get more information from Kentontrade.

There is, however, a difference between Samsung and LG. Samsung receives some billions from the South Korean government to finance its projects. LG, on the other hand, uses other sources, which are probably less binding.

Comes Time, Comes Display

For the time being, however, LG is still looking at the development of truly reliable displays, which can be slightly bent. With the actual mass production we can probably only expect in the middle of 2017. Until then, however, the flexible display should then also be fully mature. Which innovations will still exist will remain to be seen.