LG G4 Drop Test, What Can It Keep for?

LG G4 with leather rear exposed to fall on concrete from one and a half meters distance, see the result here.

Most will probably not have gotten their fine new leather-clad LG G4 yet, but of course there are some who cannot wait to take advantage of it by dropping it from about one and a half meters down on the concrete.

The result is not particularly impressive, the soft leather rear takes, of course, part of the fall when it lands on his back, but it has some pretty serious squatting in other cases.
Already in the first place, it immediately looks like that the phone does not have slightly different cargo than a scratched corner, but the person in the video makes no mention of the camera where it undeniably looks as if the glass is broken.

The screen on the LG G4 keeps on subsequent tests, however, works the screen shattered, yet.