LG G Watch R, First Impressions on Video

LG was not too slow to follow the line of the Moto 360 and presented a few weeks ago his LG G Watch R, a smartwatch where the design took center stage and in fact it is hard to see at first that we are talking about an advanced clock.

At the last fair in Berlin we were able to get our hands on it (or better, put it on the wrist), and waiting for the complete analysis, here you have our first impressions (with video included)

Android Wear in an attractive design

We have already talked about what we think the choice of a rather classic design for the first serious wave of smartwatch. Almost all brands join this stream, and the LG G Watch R is surely the clearest example, because in fact, the outer crown with the numbers is real, and the screen starts from it.

The LG G Watch R is superb in finish, with aluminum casing, but we fear it thick as all other rivals. In addition, we can give personality with a system of more or less easy exchange of the straps and from what we have been able to verify, is really a comfortable watch to carry and that does not bulge in excess.

The great challenge will again be in the battery and in the maturity that can reach Android Wear , the operating system that manages it.

The LG G Watch R will hit the market next October with a price of 299 euros, and then we will bring you a full analysis where we will see in detail aspects of both the design and the maturity of the Android Wear system.