Lenovo Yoga Book In The Test

The Lenovo Yoga book fascinated at first touch. Folded up, it is only 10 mm high and yet the housing from a magnesium-aluminium alloy feels stable. It opens it up, you can fold down the bright 10.1-inch touch display like a convertible notebook 360 degrees thanks to the chic and high-quality strap hinge.

At the latest is that the Yoga book has even no keyboard in the traditional sense. In its place, Lenovo builds a nearly nationwide pen tablet (Kreativpad), that pops up an illuminated keyboard and touchpad button.

We could tap on this Halo keyboard but effectively only in the two-finger system. Ten fingers writing reacts significantly slow the electronics, incorrectly detects the Palm, to many or the wrong keys. To write longer texts, the Halo keyboard in this condition is inappropriate.?

Painting, Writing, Breaks

The WOW effect comes when using battery-less pen real. Thanks to its 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, we could paint very well with the stylus on the touch screen as well as the Kreativpad and write – super sharp and correctly digitised. This function together with Microsoft OneNote has proved especially valuable: quick on the road create a sketch, write down the details, sign and put online its team the whole discussion has never been easier.

There are large eyes, if you replace the plastic mine against one of the three supplied mines with real ink and put a piece of paper on the Kreativpad. Everything you then write and draw will be digitized in real time and extremely precise. In the test worked breaks through even with a paper thickness of 15 mm. Lenovo delivers a paper pad though, it works but with any conventional paper or carton.?

Slow SSD, Gigantic Run-Time

The skinny of interfaces and performance costs many points. In addition to Wi-Fi-ac and Bluetooth 4.1, there is only a micro-USB 2.0 port which also serves to charge the battery, a micro HDMI port, and a headphone jack. For two cameras are (2-and 8-megapixel)-a somewhat unusual factor for a notebook.

In the performance tests, particularly the lame eMMC SSD pushes the performance score. In reading, we measure only 132 MByte/s, and a response time of 0,293 ms. This is noticeable especially with longer loading times. During Internet browsing, media playback, or working with Office software it all feels, however, liquid.

In any case, we advise you book equal to a map on the microSD card slot (max 128 GB) with zukaufen to yoga. As evidenced by the 64 GB of SSD storage the pre-installed Windows 10 Pro already about 20 Gbytes. In the performance test, the energy-efficient combination of Intel Atom x 5 Z8550 and 4 GB DDR3L memory in the PCMark achieved 7 satisfying 2.713 points.

Also satisfactory fail the test results in the 3DMark and Cinebench R11. 5: 2.189 points or 1.62 CPU points. The advantage of very low-power components leads to an extremely long duration. In the power market productivity test handed the energy of the 32-WH battery for sensational 13:15 hours.?

Benchmark Results

PCMark 7: 2.713 points

3DMark Cloud Gate: 2.189 points

Cinebench R11. 5 (CPU): 1.62 points

HD-tune 4.61 (average read rate): 132 MByte / s

Battery life (power mark productivity): 795 min?


The high-quality and extremely durable Lenovo Yoga book opens up entirely new possibilities creative, but is not a proper substitute for a notebook because of the unsatisfactory keyboard. Also, we have after our Tablet test technique in the laboratory tested the Lenovo Yoga book and evaluated.?