LED Ribbon Light Strips

Different Uses LED Ribbons And Headbands

The LED ribbon and LED strip lighting are systems that offer multiple possibilities of uses. Indeed LED ribbon headband can also be used to illuminate a room or driveway, to give a warm atmosphere to a space or even enhance a decorative element.

There are therefore as many types of possible uses LED ribbon models and LED strip.

So everyone can find his account according to their desires and needs to make decorative LED ledosaure.

Recall that the LED ribbon and LED strip adhesive tapes which are available on the back of an attachment system on the front of many power LED and variable color.

Based on this power but also the quality waterproof or not the system that is available it is possible to use LED ribbons to achieve such tuning a car or furniture, illuminating a veranda or give him a warm , install these items in his bathroom, lounge or even in an aquarium.

As you can see, many possibilities for decorating are possible since the installation of the light strips is both simple and quick.

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Conventional LED ribbons and colors exist

So there are many possibilities; the system thus allows everyone to achieve its brightly decorated simply and at low cost. Hundreds of colors, effects execution speeds or even of light intensities are available to satisfy all your desires.

The essential elements for your installation of your LED ribbons classiquent should then consist of:

  • 220V / 12V mains to connect, then it will power output of 12V / DC
  • a transformer
  • LED roll SMD5050 preferably Type

The essential elements for your installation of your LED rgb ribbons should then consist of:

  • Food
  • RGB controller and remote control
  • LED roll SMD5050 preferably Type