LED Operating Instructions Lighting

Thanks to led lighting, you consume more than a few Watts compared to a classic, and lighting for a superior life 20 times! Despite these benefits, the leds are not suitable for all types of lighting. Then, between tube led, built-in spotlight, Led G4 bulb and R63 Led bulb, it is difficult to navigate. Our explanations to make the right choice.

LED Operating Instructions Lighting

For targeted and powerful lighting leds

Above all, led remains lighting directional lighting often coupled with a white light: with Leds, you post that on the desired places. It’s so powerful and targeted lighting ideal as a functional but less suitable for general lighting and mood lighting. To choose your led, identify your lighting needs: for what and for what activity? What’s the mood you want to make?
The trend is to adapt to existing standards. But the use of bulbs leds on conventional incandescent standards does not offer the same type of lighting (by type of performance, flow and usability). For living rooms, it therefore seems difficult to achieve the same equivalence of brightness with a traditional light bulb with a led. You can still install some leds into your homes to change lighting working on changes in color with bright ribbons or led strip.
Laurie Council : book the Leds to replace functional lighting. For example, to illuminate a work plan in the kitchen, opt for a strip of led. Choose an Led lamp for office, led spots for DIY, an Led reading light in the room or accent lighting.

Led colors: warm white or white cold?

Another important criterion, it is broadcast by led color temperature. There are now leds with different color temperatures even if it is difficult to achieve a color temperature equivalent to that of our lamps incandescent, whose light is yellow and warm.
The leds offer a palette of whites, ranging from cold white to warm white. White hot is to book a warm lighting, neutral white, close to the light of day, is preferred in the kitchen, the office, the dressing because it offers an excellent rendering of colors and he tired a lot less eyes.
Book cool white technical locals as the garage, a storage room, a wine cellar or outdoors.
Good to know: bad quality products usually offer a cold lighting very unpleasant, almost blue, a very bright light strongly discouraged in e-readers as dangerous to the retina.