LED Monitor and Its Advantages

Learn why it is advantageous to have a monitor LED.

People, let’s meet the advantages of having a monitor with LED display? You know that, right? What counts today is to generate a balance between benefits, practicality and the real value that you pay.

Image sharpness

Movies and games will gain a new dimension in image quality! The contrast and saturation results in text, photos and videos into stunning sharpness.

Saving energy and the environment

These are just a few features that fascinate new consumers when purchasing a monitor. Because there’s another more important: LED monitors are ecologically responsible! And the new LED monitor technology can offer a 40% reduction in energy consumption compared with rivals.

Look at that cool:some brands sell Eco-friendly models, do not require CCFLs lamps and are completely free of mercury. And don’t use lead to fixing of components and makes the disposal and recycling of TVs can be made safely and without impact to the environment.

Comfort and more life

In terms of health and comfort, if your eyes are overloaded from a busy day on the computer, the last thing you need is forcing them again to watch a movie, for example. The difference is that LED monitors provide rest to the eye.

What do you mean? I explain!

The vast majority of the models has a smart sensor that detects the intensity of the glow around the monitor and automatically adjusts the levels, which helps reduce eyestrain-eyes can relax. Then Yes!

Oh, and there’s the issue of viewing angles. Wherever you place the monitor, your angle of view will be comfortable and the screen always appears as if it were viewed from front. If you’re standing, sitting or lying down, the LED monitor ensures that the film, the image, the videos and other multimedia resources you want to see will be the center of attention and will always be comfortable to see you.

Finally, one more reason to buy an LED monitor:time. After all the useful life of an LED monitor is much larger than the LCD monitor which lasts from 4 to 6 years. LED lighting cells instead of fluorescent cells, have a higher average life.

And there, enjoyed? Now is choosing your model and enter the world of LED monitors.