LED Light Bulb

A connected light bulb effective, economic, controllable remotely, and reporting as soon as there’s a smoke in the house, it’s that Bell & Wyson, the French brand, offers with its bulb connected BW 1.1. multifunctional and intelligent, this lighting system promises to illuminate your living environment. It integrates various features, including smoke detection. Perfectly connected Wi – Fi, this lamp can be controlled remotely via an application installed on a smartphone or compatible tablet.

LED Light Bulb

How the Bell & Wyson 1.1 can optimise the comfort of your home and secure? Read this article to find out.

What do the connected lamp Bell & Wyson 1.1?

The BW 1.1 Bell & Wyson is a connected lamp that uses LED technology to make you live any other lighting experience. It is designed with a design quite bulky and heavy compared with a regular lamp. This does not prevent it to be easily installed in a ceiling or a Lampshade. She has a base type E27, making it compatible with a variety of lighting system. This bulb can be controlled via a standard switch or remotely via the dedicated application.

Offering a warm white, this smart bulb promises best performance. She scans the room where it is installed, with an angle of 180° light properly. The emitted power is of 9 w. Economic and sustainable as other bulbs LED, the Bell & Wyson 1.1 has a lifetime of 40,000 hours.

But the BW 1.1 is not just a simple bulb connected. It also has a handy smoke alarm that notifies you all important smoke. This is particularly important when one considers the obligation, now, to install a smoke detector in all accommodation. And, to make it perfectly independent, the manufacturer has incorporated a 3 V battery for long life to the lamp, in order to ensure the continuity of this feature failure. This hybrid device also has a built-in siren that signals any appearance of more or less smoke.


Bell & Wyson offer high-tech products which combine design, comfort, pleasure, safety and especially utility and ease of use. Still more surprising products in their functionality with a design of hell

A multifunctional smart bulb

This bulb connected LED BW 1.1 take Wi – Fi connectivity that allows you to control remotely whether at home or on the go. For this purpose, you need to download and install a free app for your smartphone or Tablet Android or iOS.

The association between the connected light bulb and your mobile is easy and requires no intermediary. This is done by simple equipment and you have the possibility of adjusting the urge the brightness and intensity of lighting of the lamp. Similarly, you can turn it off or turn it on at will. During your absence, you can simulate your presence, putting it on, in order to dissuade any person wishing to break into your home.

Technical characteristics

  • Bulb type: multifunction
  • Power: 9 watts
  • Base: E27
  • Power consumption: 9 kWh / 1000 h
  • Energy class: A +.
  • Life span: up to 40,000 hours
  • Light color: white
  • Technology: LED
  • Connectivity: Wi – Fi
  • Compatible systems: Android and iOS
  • Features: smoke detector integrated with battery in case of power failure and notification by mail in the event of smoke detection.
  • Included in the package: operating instructions

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  • The bw1.1 illuminates home and protects it through its built-in smoke detector. the bw1.1 wifi led is controllable remotely with a smartphone or a tablet. It can turn on and turn off at will at some kilometers from home and of course in the case of detection of smoke, the bw1.1 will warn the users of a detection of smoke with a notification on their (phone (s) or smartphone (s) (iOS and Android) bw 1.1 also works as a traditional smoke detector not connected thanks to its integrated siren bw 1.1 will continue to operate in its smoke detector function even if she has been off with the switch or if the home power is off. Indeed, the bw 1.1 has an integrated 3v lithium battery that can be changed when she will be discharged (lifespan of 5 years) bw 1.1 can be easily installed thanks to his nerve e27; it has a test for the alarm button, a good operation and low battery indicator.