Leather Jackets Classic and Must Have Piece

Leather jackets are a real must have for me after all denim. Without somehow not going and there are so many different models that I can never have enough of it!

Luciana and I had as a joint contribution planned which our Catwalk looks plus size Fashiondays, and the shooting to just each photographed a second outfit – in leather jackets -.

A real highlight of leather jacket, thedressexplorer.com had already presented recently, today is this gem in the series. The leather jacket is awesome. When I saw them in the store, I fell directly a little (much).

Especially great, I find the darts on arms and shoulders – cool effect that makes seem wider shoulders and goes in the direction of biker-style.

The jacket is made of very soft Lammnappe and is not only made of very smooth leather, but partly in perforated leather what – I think – brings a great look and relaxes the whole jacket.The jacket is slightly fed also, not only for the transitional period perfectly, but even still now, where it gets cold. If it gets too cold, attract the best a sweat vest underneath. Looks good, when the hood is out looking, keep warm and your leather jacket is ready for winter.

What I find so great about leather jackets is definitely how versatile they can be used. You can wear them just to the transition, they choose instead a sweater for a cool outfit in the biker look, or as mentioned, with a sweat jacket wintertauglich make. Also, I like very much the smell and the feel of leather. A further, absolute plus is the ability to change. No matter what outfit, a leather jacket suits always, no matter what you match this. Any casual look she are the finishing touches and enhances your outfit.

I am very pleased about the new piece in my collection and can recommend only them.Great out mix casual, Rocky and noble.

You can watch what has come up with the fabulous Luciana with her jacket, on her blog:luziehtan.de

For me include leather jackets in every case in every wardrobe. Clearly, they are not always really cheap, but if you use it for something, you got something from them really very long.The price relative so due to the long time which you have joy with the part – and usually the jackets look too shabby even better than brand new!